Joe teaching a guitar lesson
preparing for a online zoom lesson – 2020

Learn Guitar

Learn to play guitar easily and quickly with a patient teacher and performing musician in a scenic setting of the San Francisco bay area. Absolute beginners to intermediate. Acoustic and/or electric guitar.

Styles include folk, rock, blues and more. Learn how to play by ear, improvise, finger-pick, play and sing at the same time. Learn valuable insight on musicianship, performing in a band, songwriting and recording. Learn techniques to practice effectively and efficiently.

Printed handouts with chord shapes, fingerings, strum patterns, tablature of main hooks and riffs, along with a digital audio file of the song and digital pdf will be provided for each lesson.

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My approach is to teach the roots of popular music by showing the essential chords, rhythms, guitar runs, picking techniques, and chord progressions used.

Diasuke – student from Japan 2009

I perform approximately 75 live shows per year with This Old Band as well as live acoustic solo performances and roughly 75 live solo broadcasts.

text/phone 510.868.9323
email info@cosmiccircuit.com

Cosmic Circuit Studio, El Cerrito, California.
Location is 3/4 mile from El Cerrito Shopping Plaza. Easy, free, on street parking is available.

Brendan – 2015

In person lessons are taught private one on one at Cosmic Circuit in El Cerrito, California.

Online private lessons via Zoom are also available (see FAQ below for details).

How Do I Sign Up for Lessons?
Text 510.868.9323 or email and include your experience level (beginner, intermediate, etc) and the style(s) (genres) of music you want to learn as well as some of your favorite musical artists and/or songs. Also include days or date(s) and times you would prefer.

Times Available
Lessons normally offered in person weekdays and weekends in my private studio.

1 Lesson – $65 for a 1 hour private one on one session. (in-person or via Zoom)
Pay online via our Secure Server at Cosmic Circuit Studio

Discount Pricing on Pre-paid Blocks
of 1 Hour Private Guitar Lessons
4 Lessons – $220
8 Lessons – $420

Pay online for block of lessons.
Note: Pre-paid discounted blocks are only if lessons are taken every week.
The 4 Lesson block must be fully used with 6 weeks; thus you have flexibility to skip 2 weeks).
The 8 Lesson block must be fully used within 11 weeks (Can skip up to 3 weeks).

Purchase lessons online direct from Cosmic Circuit Studio secure web site or pay in person.

Payment Policy
Cash, credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover), PayPal, Venmo, and Square are accepted.

Refund Policy
There is no refund if you pay for a block of lessons in advance. Be sure you are happy with the lessons and willing to commit if you pay for a block of lessons. If you are unsure I recommend you pay for a single lesson.

Cancellation Policy
If you can not make a lesson you must notify me by e-mail, text or phone at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule with no cancellation fee. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice (or not showing up for a lesson) results in the loss of the full payment for the lesson (or the deduction of 1 lesson from your pre-paid block of lessons).

Golden Gate
view of golden gate bridge from studio
first strums - dec 2013
first strums – dec 2013

Your own guitar is recommended for lessons; however a Gibson J-250 acoustic or Martin LX1E Acoustic-Electric guitar is available for a $12.50 fee per lesson.
Optional: A tuner, metronome and capo are recommended.

matt learning a new song
matt working on a new song

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer private remote online lessons via video conference?

A. Yes! Guitar lessons are available via Zoom. The pricing is the same as private in person lessons. Worksheets and audio files will be sent to you before the lesson.

Q. How do I configure Zoom software for taking an online guitar lesson?
A. Follow these Zoom Guitar Lesson Set Up Recommendations . Make sure to enable ‘Original Sound for Musicians’ in your Zoom Audio settings before every lesson! Watch this YouTube tip/tutorial for more information.

Q. What is the quality when taking online lessons via Zoom?
A. We have fiber optic direct wired internet for a super fast, reliable connection. Multiple high quality resolution cameras set up at various angles for clear video along with a top of the line audio from a professional studio grade audio interface.

Q. Can I purchase lessons for a friend as a gift for someone?

A. Yes. First send a text to 510.868.9323 or email first to arrange and confirm the number of lessons and rough date/time (or range of dates). Once confirmed, pay for the number of lessons via the secure web form. You will receive a nicely formatted color customized gift certificate with the number of lessons as a pdf document that can be printed or emailed. The certificate is good for one year from the time of purchase.

Q. Do you have an guitar amp I can use for the lesson?

A. Yes, if you are learning electric guitar I have a small amp you can use for the lesson at no charge. You are also welcome to bring your own.

Q. Do you have a guitar I can use for the lesson?

A. Yes, we have a Gibson J-250 acoustic and a Martin LX1E acoustic-electric guitar available.
There is a $12.50 additional charge per lesson. This can be convenient if you are traveling and want to take a lesson or two. If taking lessons long term it is strongly recommended you have your own.