Cafe Musique

Live at Cafe Musique
Every Monday 9 am pacific (Noon eastern)

Singer songwriter, Joe Rizzo, performs live & broadcasts the show:
Every Monday at 9 am Pacific time (12 noon Eastern time).

The event is free!
Listen live or experience and interact in the event in a virtual reality music club.

Cafe Musique is a virtual music venue. The performance is all live with vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, foot percussion and occasionally ukulele through professional studio sound system. All live looping is occasionally employed for improvisation.

Joe Rizzo is a San Francisco bay area singer-songwriter performing acoustic finger-picking folk rock traditional songs along with his own unique blend of original compositions.

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Joe on piano in the virtual realm
Joe on guitar, march 2022
photo by BB Woodford – march 2022

Influences include the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, Jack White, Mississippi John Hurt, Jack Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis, Elizabeth Cotten, Bob Dylan, the Beatles and much more.

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Experience Live in a Virtual Cafe in Second Life

requirements: Second Life account, broadband Internet connection, computer with good graphics

  1. Log into Second Life Second LifeMonday a few minutes before 9 am Pacific Time (12 noon Eastern Time).
  2. Teleport to Cafe Musique
joe performs live at the virtual cafe musique

Just want to listen in without the 3D Virtual Experience?
Click the link and follow the instructions below to listen live from any phone, tablet or computer.

Listen without a Second Life Account