January 2002

Crossing the Border from Mexico to Guatemala

boarder boat
Locals washing clothes
A small wooden boat used to cross the border on Río San Pedro from Chipas Mexico into Guatemala.
Locals washing clothes in Río San Pedro

The city of Flores

Doorway in Flores, Guatemala
View of Flores from row boat    

Colorful doorways in Flores

View of the peninsula Flores from a row boat on Lago de Peten Itza
Miguel with his boat in Flores
Storefront in Flores
Miguel, once was a chiclero (harvested 'chicle' - gum from the sap of the sapodilla tree), now give boat rides on Lago de Peten Itza
Vibrantly painted storefront in Flores
Pink Building
Flores view from hill

Old Building in Flores

View from top of hill
Guatemalen hand woven shirt

Ancient Mayan Ruins of Tikal

View of Tikal Ruins

Ancient Mayan Ruins in Tikal

The view of the tips of ruins in Tikal from a pyramid.
Small Pyramid

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