A few unsolicited comments...

Your shows are so fun and really good for the soul, thank you! - Owl D.

Joe, loved your show thanks. Truly had a very bad day...and i feel almost normal now. Appreciate it :) - T.C.

Rizzo, who performs most Tuesdays, wields his old Gibson guitar with alacrity. - San Francisco Examiner

Your new song is magical.... haunting and moving rhythm. - Barbara G.

Craig and I listened to the show tonight and enjoyed it so much! I put my troubles by the door for a little while and had some fun. The sound quality was great, you sounded fantastic! Thanks. - Susie C.

Original's Cafe - Online Show Review Oct 5th 2013:

Joe came to “Originals Cafe” tonight with his bag overflowing with wonderful original compositions. He was also in the mood to tell us a bit about how each song came to be and the influences surrounding them. This aspect is always appreciated, especially by fellow singer-songwriters, and a few were actually present for Joe’s set and listened intently.

I guess I would describe Joe’s music as being largely influenced by the blues with all it’s sub genres and most were on offer tonight. Joe is a skilled finger-picking style guitarist and not half bad on the bottle neck slide and harmonica as well. All three instruments were used throughout his hour set giving it a nice blend so as to change the mood and arrangement from song to song.

He began his set with a very bluesy song called “Mountain Woman” which immediately showcased his wonderful guitar talents. Next was a song he wrote in Northern California called “In Harmony” in which he used bottle neck slide for the first of a few songs throughout his set. He followed that with a corker of a song called “What Do You Know” which most fans refer to as “The Train Song” as its theme has a bit to do with trains. This was the first of a few songs in which he also played the harmonica to outstanding effect. His next original was one of the stand out songs of his set. I think the song maybe called “Happy” but I’m not 100% sure on that. The song possessed a very circular sounding, almost merry-go-round structure and rhythm which blended perfectly with lyrics like “Your smile makes me happy”. A very child-like innocence surrounded this wonderful song. A slight departure in sound was next with an almost 60’s folk style arrangement of his song called “I Like The Way You Make Me Feel”. This great tune, with lots of wonderful finger picking, wouldn’t have been out of place on a Peter, Paul and Mary album!

Another change in direction found the next song, “Melted Snow” one of the night’s highlights because of its echoed, almost lead guitar runs, giving it a very eerie feel unlike any of his other originals. The lyrics also conjured up a landscape where people carried” buckets of water and melted snow” - great song! The harmonica was back for the next, jaunty song, “Give Me Something Good” which also had exceptional guitar picking throughout. It’s lyrics were a strong look on society, at one point noting “The rich get richer and the poor stay poor” - Indeed. Joe delighted us next with a brand new song called “Spread Joy” and it definitely lived up to it’s name. A slower styled song about staying positive and optimistic. Back to the heart of the blues next with the song “Tangled in The Barbed Wire”. Influenced largely by the Mississippi blues style of guitar playing it also featured some great harmonica. “Rise Up” was the last song of his impressive set. This song once again featured some of that echoey lead guitar and it sounded almost reggae at times.. something I could easily hear Bob Marley singing especially with lyrics like “War against fear in our life”.
And that brought an end to a great hour of Joe’s original songs. So if you like your folk and blues mixed together with great lyrics and guitar playing than you will have a great time at a gig!
- Precious R.

last update: October 14, 2013