The Tibetian Book of the Dead: The Great Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardo

The Tibetan Book of the Dead cover

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is traditionally read by Buddhist Monks to people who are near death and/or on his/her deathbed. The reading explains what a person will experience directly upon death of the body and where the soul will travel. Explanation is given how one can prevent reincarnation and obtain liberation from the endless cycle of birth and death into the material world during the death of the physical body.

The beginning of this book is a bit difficult to read and somewhat repetitive - however, the latter half of the book is packed with very fascinating insight into life after death. A strongly recommended read. I read the pocket edition - which will fit in a shirt or jacket pocket. Try the other edition(s) if you want a full sized book.


last update: March 24, 2007