Sound Tribe Sector 9

Sector 9 CD cover I was camping at the High Sierra Music festival in California in July 1999 and awoke from my tent to hear some interesting sounds coming from a small stage near by. I followed the sounds. What impressed me was the merging of 60's style jam with the more modern techno rave groove. These guys are all instrumental and play their instruments - unlike dj's at a rave scene which are playing prerecorded songs and mixing loops. If you like bands like the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and also like the trip hop rave techno sounds you will love these guys. I also seen these guys live at the Fillmore & Warfield in San Francisco and strongly recommend you see them live. Really on the cutting edge of live exploration music. You may also want to check out the official Sound Tribe Sector 9 homepage.
Below are a listing of the original Sound Tribe Sector 9 recordings in chronological order:

last update: March 24, 2007