The soothing simple tide like rhythms and hypnotic bass lines have raised reggae music to universal appeal. For the hardcore followers reggae music is associated with Rastafarianism, a movement that began in Jamaica. 'Dub' is a term used to describe overdubs and delay effects used over reggae rhythms. Many bands will record a record and release it and then remix the tracks using various effects and delays to create the 'dub' version. Certain bands however will perform using 'dub' effects live - such as Lee Scratch Perry.

Probably the most popular and enduring reggae artists of all time is Bob Marley. Marley was born as Robert Nesta Marley in Jamaica in 1945. In his early teens he moved to Kingston. In 1962 he cut his first recording tracks as a vocalist. He moved briefly to the US in 1966 for monetary reasons. Marley racked up a string of hits that continue to be played all over the world today. Marley died in 1981.

During the early '70s, Jamaican producer Glen Adams, known as 'King Tubby' created upon a series of pivotal recordings, ultimately creating a reggae spin-off which became known as 'dub.' Scientist (Hopeton Brown) was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in the year 1960 learned from King Tubby and is regarded as a master of the dub format. One of the living masters of dub reggae is the somewhat eccentric Lee Scratch Perry who was born in Jamaica in 1936 whom Marley once called a genius. He was also among the first to use sampling techniques long before samplers were invented.

One of the best currently performing roots rock reggae bands of today is Israel Vibration. UB40, a more commercially successful reggae band, formed in Birmingham, England in 1978 and have stacked up a number of hits. Inner Circle's 'Bad Boys' is the backing theme to the popular television show 'Cops'.

Below are a listing of the original Bob Marley recordings (non compilation works) in chronological order:

Catch a Fire - released 1973.
Burnin' - released 1973.
Natty Dread - released 1975.
Rastaman Vibration - released 1976.
Exodus - released 1977.
Babylon by Bus - released 1978.
Kaya - released 1978.
Survival - released 1979.
Uprising - released 1980.

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