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Psychedelic Resource Guide

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psychedelic - mind expanding and/or mind altering.
Beatles Sgt Peppers Album Cover

The Beatles
The Grateful Dead
Pink Floyd
Sound Tribe Sector 9
Manchester Bands
New Age
Indian Music & Ragas
Goa Trance
Rave/Trance/TripHop/Acid House

Jerry Garcia Image
Dark Side of Moon Album Cover
The Path book cover

Literature, Organizations, Books
Be Here Now, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), California Institute of Integral Studies, The Immortal, Lucidity Institute, The Lycaeum, The Path, Sacred Mirrors, Sentient Experientials, Shambhala Publications, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Siddhartha, Tibetan Book of the Dead

Tibetan Book of the Dead cover

Mystical Branches of Philosophy/Religion
Christian Mysticism

What a long strange trip it's been

Festivals and Events
Burning Man,
Gathering of the Vibes,
Glastonbury Festival (England),
Further Festival,
High Sierra Music Festival,
Rainbow Gathering,

Ravi Shankar

Tribal Culture
American Indian, Huichol, Mayan, Toltec

William Blake, Salvador Dali, M. C. Escher, Antoni Gaudi, Alex Grey

Carlos Castaneda, Deepak Chopra, Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Aldous Huxley, Ken Kesey

ArKaos, Cthuga Screen Saver, Synthesoft, Sound Spectrum, Wild Divine

Music Venues
The Fillmore,
The Warfield

Interesting Places:
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Guatemala, India, Nepal, the Rain Forest, San Francisco, Tibet, Thailand

last update: March 24, 2007