Be Here Be Now

Be Here Now Book Cover

This classic work by the Lama Foundation is the personal story of Harvard professor Dr. Richard Albert's transformation into guru Ram Dass. Dr. Richard Albert was Timothy Leary's collegue at Harvard University during the 1960's. While Dr. Albert never gained the popular commercial notoriety given to Leary many people consider his efforts as a seeker more sincere.

Dr. Albert (Ram Dass) left Harvard University and traveled to India in the late 1960's. Albert found a guru and eventually lived in India for years. This is the story in his own words. A fascinating tale.

This book is written in a non traditional manner. There are hand written drawings and interesting hand written notes accompany the drawings.

In 2000 I was fortunate enough to hear Ram Dass speak in San Francisco. He is well respected by religious scholars such as Houston Smith who was in attendance..

Order Be Here Now - originally published 1971

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