Duval Street Pb

Joe performs and broadcasts live at the Duval Street Cafe & Dispensary, a virtual music venue, in Second Life on the every other Thursday of each month.

The event is free!

The next scheduled live performance is:

- Thursday December 2nd, 2021 4 pm Pacific (7 pm Eastern)

Joe Rizzo is a San Francisco bay area based singer-songwriter. He will be performing all live with acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica, piano, ukulele and percussion.

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Duval Street Pub

Joe @ Noe Valley San Francisco

Listen to the Live Broadcast with a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC

1. At the date and time designated above, click on the 'Listen Now' button below.
                Listen Now
2. Enjoy the live music!
(If you your media player doesn't automatically open up and play the music - use one of the manual configuration methods below).


Experience the Performance in the Virtual Realm of Second Life

requirements: Second Life account, broadband Internet connection, computer with good graphics capability, sound card, and speakers

1. Log into Second Life Second Life icona few minutes before the date and time designated above.

2. Teleport to Duval Street Cafe & Dispensary.

Duval Street Cafe & Dispensary
Linden Labs Sculpture
Sculpture of musical appreciation handcrafted
given to me from Linden Labs, creators of Second Life

last update: November 18, 2021